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A Free Europe

The socialist dream of a European welfare state is now coming to an end after a fifty year experiment. A socialist dream where everyone shares equally, whether or not that equality is earned. A socialist dream of little work for lordly pay, of early retirement on lavish pensions, on cradle to grave government medical and financial care. The lefty bureaucrats kept it going for fifty years, but they finally ran out of other peoples’ money. The lefty self-proclaimed elite would make the rules and run the show, because they were better than the common folk, and knew better what the common folk wanted and needed. And so it ends, as anyone with a grain of sense knew it would.



What is it with these little folks

Who think they are the center

Of universes large and small

They landlord and we renter

Europa in her grander thoughts

Believed it was not she

Who circled massive Jupiter

But she who captured he

And so it comes, the journey’s end

Of socialism’s dream

To smooth the edges off of life

Like pebbles in a stream

But streams have a life of their own

For pebbles they care not

And now the EU’s washed ashore

To lie in sun and rot

The dream is done, now Europe’s free

To be as they once were

Free in their homelands, free to sing

And not call Brussels sir


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