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When The Winged Ships Come

For many years we have been sending radio signals to the universe at large announcing, Here We Are, Come See Us! The assumption is that any interstellar travelers will be advanced liberal worlds that have foresworn violence and war, much like the liberals who run SETI, the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence. I’m fairly certain those assumptions will prove incorrect should any space-faring people or beings accept our invitation to drop in. Non-aggressive types stay home; aggressive types roam the world or universe, taking what they need, taking what they want. When the winged ships come, they will not be bearing gifts. This planet’s history of what happens when a more advanced civilization meets a less advanced civilization has proved an unhappy one for the less advanced. And so it shall be when the winged ships come.



The mighty Zulu nation, mighty conqueror and king

Armed with amulet and spear and shield

When faced with British rifles and the discipline they bring

Were forced despite their bravery to yield

The Aztecs built their temples to their blood demanding gods

They held in thrall as slaves surrounding tribes

And then the winged ships came and young Cortes ‘gainst fearful odds

Demolished everything with Spanish jibes

Oh yes they had successes, Isandlwanda comes to mind

And Noche Triste cost the Spanish dear

But in the end the higher culture wins is what you’ll find

The verdict of our history is clear

So send your SETI memos out, announce your peaceful ways

But when the winged ships come don’t be surprised

When Cortes steps out of the ship that we’ve seen better days

And find that slaves was how that we were prized