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Ka-Boom Times

French workers have taken to holding company executives hostage to further their wage demands, but a recent event at the New Fabris auto parts plant has taken the hostage scenario a step beyond. The workers have taken the factory hostage, planting bombs, and giving Peugeot and Renault until July 31st to meet their demands for severance pay or they will blow up the plant. At least the teachers unions and the united auto workers don’t hold the schools and factories hostage; they just hold us hostage.



The French they are a funny race

They try to put you in your place

By sneers and shrugs and oft-times little smirks

But when it comes to work place rules

Their union bosses offer duels

To oligarchs who think they own the works

A few days past a shut down plant

Had offered workers just a scant

Amount of euros as their severance pay

The workers took it not too kind

And then they took it in their mind

To bomb the plant and put their plan in play

So now they sit and wait until

The company dips in the till

And count the days as union deadlines loom

They vow if they don’t get their way

The company will have to pray

That when they strike the match it won’t kaboom