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Authoritarian governments are always socialist, whether the iron socialism of communism or the softer socialism of Europe. But essentially they are all the same. The Left proclaims they care, they only want to help, they only want what’s fair for all. They never tell you the truth, that what they really want is to rule. Rule your life, rule your soul, rule your very being, your every breath. But socialism inevitably fails, and failure leads to hungry kids, and hungry kids leads to angry men, and angry men lead to democracy or totalitarianism. And you never know which it will be.. 



In failing lands where price of bread

Is far beyond a poor man’s pay

Where hungry kids lie in their bed

That man will look to find a way

To feed his kids and keep them well

When government has failed to keep

The promises that they did sell

That lulled the populace to sleep

The bubbles burst, they always do

The dreams of socialists soon die

As benefits flow to the few

And in their beds the hungry lie


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