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Race Hustlers

Louis Farrakhan, the demented muslim black preacher who hates the United States in general and all white people in particular, has recently accused his brother Barack of hurting all muslims by his actions in Libya. One expects Farrakhan to defend Khaddafi, since Khaddafi has given millions of dollars to Farrakhan. Farrakhan has been around a long time, spewing his racial hatred, as have race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Why do black people give these shysters their money and their cheers? Why do black folks vote for the likes of Marion Barry all the time? Oh, I know. You’re right. It’s because we whites oppress them.



Why do Americans of skin color black

Follow leaders like Jesse and Lou

While Marion Barry and Al Sharpton’s claque

Scream racist while hatred they spew

Race hustlers and gangsters, they live off the sweat

Of people far better than they

Are these men the best that the black folk can get

Why don’t they just tell them go ‘way

Farrakhan wants all the white folks be dead

And if up to him we would be

And Jesse agrees but would rather instead

Leave a few of us to pay his fee

Yet taken together these men do not count

To most Farrakhan’s just a nut

He takes Daffy’s money, who cares what amount

Is this a great country or what


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