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The Inspector

A few days ago, a school lunch inspector took a child’s lunch away and told her the lunch her mom packed for her did not meet Federal guidelines for school lunches and was therefore  unacceptable. The unguidelined object in question was a turkey sandwich, and the inspector then gave the child some presumably more wholesome and definitely more guideline acceptable chicken nuggets. This is where we are now, and it is frightening. The government is now your momma.



He said his name was Tony

But he had such shifty eyes

That I thought he was a phony

Till he took away my fries

Saying those things aren’t healthy

And your mom should be ashamed

And he looked into my lunchbox

And took out the things he named

As contrary to the FDA

And Michelle’s wishes as well

Like my momma’s Saltefleske

And a cod dish I can’t spell

My fried apples he could not decide

If they would pass the test

And so he ate them all and said

He thought that would be best

For fried apples had much sugar

And were fried in sizzling fat

Making them much too unhealthy

For a boy and that was that

Then he tossed my turnkey sandwich

Saying turkey too was banned

But it’s not the turkey that I mind

It’s the baloney I can’t stand