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The City On The Hill

Europe is sliding down the long road to extinction. The rise of feminism and the birth control pill gave women the option of having children or not, and they chose not. And so, in the countries of Western Europe, the cradle of Western civilization, the birthrate has fallen below replacement level, to the point, in some countries, below recovery. In Italy and Greece, for example, there are now 100 grandparents for every 42 children. In Western Europe the family tree is upside down, and unless something changes in a measurable number of years there will be no family tree at all. Empty elementary schools now, empty playgrounds now, empty cities later. With the white European descent population of the United States not far behind. The shining city on the hill that is Western civilization is dying, and only the women can save it. But will they? Will they give up their freedom from childbirth and child rearing for the sake of a future they do not see?



The shining city on the hill

Sits empty, dark and drear

The bitter wind howls silent

Through the streets with none to hear

Yet in the darkened houses

In the vacant malls and mills

Slip the wraiths of those who walked the streets

And walked the moors and hills

And wraithlike, with beseeching wails

They wonder what befell

The world they knew, the world they loved

And knowing none could tell

For all was bright with sunshine

In the city on the hill

And none could see the coming dark

And danced and laughed until

The day came that the little ones

No longer played and sang

For inconvenient children

Were not there when school bells rang

For the women of the city

Had the pill and life was free

And they opted for the good life

And they spurned the family tree

And so now the streets are darkened

And the schools and playgrounds still

And the ghosts of those who lived there

Roam the city on the hill


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