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The Rumor Of Rain

Britain is pulling back from it Nato commitments in Afghanistan, the Euro is balancing on edge and soon may topple, the European Union is fracturing as weak countries are kept afloat only by German and French banks, and post world war two Europe is returning to its former nationalist configuration. And all of it the result of overspending by socialist governments, to the degree that national debts in Europe and the United States have reached unsustainable levels. The signs are there for a severe global depression, and with it a complete realignment of the world order. And none know what that order may be. The chickens of socialism are coming home to roost, and soon will come the deluge. Or, as Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club put it so elegantly, “Like storm petrels heralding bad weather, they bring with them the rumor of rain.” Financial collapse is now but a hanging mist on the horizon, but will anyone notice, or pay any heed?



Horizon low, a hanging mist

No larger than a grown man’s fist

No need to worry or to fret

It won’t be here for ages yet

But why the petrels skimming low

Across the water in the glow

Of winking stars and setting suns

Heading home before the guns

Now dimly heard but growing near

Resolve the problems that all fear

Will overtake them in the end

As governments their birthright spend

The petrel comes to say goodbye

But none will heed the warning cry


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