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Ham On Rye

Some people know how to make sandwiches and some people don’t. English sandwiches are mostly pedestrian bread with an almost invisible filling. The French make real sandwiches on good, crusty bread, the Germans pile rye bread high with sliced meats, and the Italians make sandwiches to die for. But what about the bread? How do they feel about being sliced down the middle and stuffed with meat and cheese and lettuce and tomato? Does a baguette tremble when picked up by a guy with a knife?



The baguette sobbed softly and said

The Brits don’t know nothing ‘bout bread

‘Cause it sure would be nice

If I had a thick slice

Of good ham on a lettucy bed

Then with onions tomatoes galore

And a slice of prov’lone from the store

We would have such a treat

That would be hard to beat

It’s a hoagie that all would adore


Beside him a guy with hard crust

Laughed til he thought he would bust

I seed it, he’d cry

For his humor was rye

Then he’d say the pastrami’s a must

Or even a pile of corned beef

So good it is beyond belief

With cole slaw on top

Russian dressing for pop

But no, we get nothing but grief


Then the Panini said with a smirk

Each day when I come into work

On the griddle with ham

Honey mustard and Bam!

Asparagus to make the thing perk

We have a good time a good life

You complain but there’s never no strife

It is good living here

Among friends with no fear

Hey look out, there’s a guy with a knife!


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