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A Conversation With A Mule

Talking to a mule is a pointless undertaking, just as talking to a Democrat is pointless. Democrats have their reasons for everything they do and say, and even if those reasons damage the country it doesn’t matter, so long as those reasons either get them votes or keep them from losing votes, for power is the name of the game. I talked to a Democrat mule just today and asked how he felt about fracking. He thought for a moment and then said

I do recall that in my youth I heard about this fracking
But truth to tell I cannot say for sure
If what I heard is true or false, it sent my brain to wracking
And this is where I think now lays the score
By fracking we will increase both our oil and gas reserves and
Be free of buying foreign oil to boot
Not mentioning that Putin will get just what he deserves and
The gas we sell with bring us lots of loot
But every ointment has its fly, and fracking has so many
Environmental problems rocking boats
And there are many mules like me who also don’t want any
Dumb fracking talk that just will cost us votes
The Greens still point the way to go, despite the disadvantage
That doing so will cause the country grief
These crises come these crises go, we just apply a bandage
And look to the UN for some relief
So saying he worked both his ears, his tail swished ‘cross his bottom
He slowly walked across the field of corn
I heard him mutter ‘neath his breath that troubles he sure got ‘em
And wonder why on Earth he had been born


The Obama administration is taking credit for the steep rise in US oil production, a rise brought about not by Obama, who tried to stop it, but by private enterprise and the development of fracking. If you’ve ever watched a Sunday morning talking head news show, Meet The Press for example, you will notice that the Obamanoids will tell you in all seriousness that whatever good happened anywhere in the universe, the credit for it belongs to Obama. Do they believe it? Of course they believe it. And so do the Sunday morning hosts believe it.  Belief in the god Obama is all they have left. But does the great American unwashed believe it? Probably not, because, like me, they don’t watch those shows.

They sit there oh so serious
So happy they’re delirious
That their Barack has saved the world again
No matter he’s a greenie
They claim he’s loosed the genie
Despite his locking fracking in a pen
Escape it did, and now the
US will show us how the
Free market works when it is left alone
But Barry’s acolytes will
Spend all those weekday nights till
It’s Sunday morning and they can intone
Fulsome praise and borrowed credit
For they think if they have said it
That it must be true and all will see the light
But they only have an hour
And they see their dimming power
And they know it’s all for naught by Sunday night