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The World She Is A-changin’

The World She Is A-changin’   When Washington finished his second term and went back to Mount Vernon instead of electing to become King as many implored him to do, King George, when he heard of it, said Washington was the greatest man of the age. We need men like Washington now, for the world she is a-changin’.



The world she is changing

We’re all rearranging

The deck chairs on this sinking ship

The Euro she wobbles

The Bundesbank bobbles

The ball and lets time slowly slip

The market is crashing

While pols are rehashing

Old nostrums that failed in the past

The Fed it is printing

The mints they are minting

The money that’s going so fast

The iceberg is gleaming

But we keep on steaming

On course ‘cause there’s no one on deck

The thing that all dreaded

Is where we are headed

And that’s toward one helluva wreck

Yet who are the leaders

To pick up the bleeders

And gather the blood stained old flag

Restoring the nation

To its proper station

Reversing its socialist jag

We need folks of vision

Who’ll act with precision

And lead us with a call to arms

The crisis diminished

Return, when they’ve finished

Like Washington, back to their farms


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