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Sparta Nichts

The Greek debt crisis never ends. The Germans and the French are now meeting to discuss plans for easing the crisis that will lead to the death of the Euro and the Eurozone if left unresolved. Germany is trying to get the Greeks to give up some of their pensions and vacations so they, the German banks and the European Union, can give Greece a little more money, thus forestalling the inevitable Greek default by few more months. But the Greeks will have none of the German mandated austerity. And besides, they say, isn’t Greece the cradle of Western civilization? Doesn’t that entitle us to free money?



The Greeks reject the spartan life

They stone the polis cars

Fail anxiety is rife

As pols consult the stars

First the Romans, common plebes

Then Ottomans, now this

Our money stole by German thebes

How cursed the EU kiss

Give us back our vineyards spare

Our stony plots of land

The demos of the village square

Our panoplied brave band

We cradled you, we gave you birth

The West, you are our son

When Xerxes came we scorched our earth

And in the end we won

Oh yes our present is our past

A present and a gift

Ten thousand years our Greece will last

Right now we are adrift

And heading for a rocky shore

The future dark and drear

The German banks can do much more

For Dammerung ist near


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