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A Modern Liberal President

President Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” With the incompetent and supremely unqualified Marxist community organizer in the White House, the only thing we have to fear is President Barack Hussein Obama.



To the tune of Gilbert and Sullivan’s A Modern Major General


He is the very model of a modern Liberal president

He lives in White House chambers but declares he’s just a resident

He loves to dance and loves to sing

He loves the perks his job will bring

But making a decision he will always be so hesitant

He says let’s you and me will get together and we’ll get some boats

Khaddafi’s got to go and so we’ll buy some cheaper UN votes

And so he marches in and then

He marches right on out again

He grins and says you’re doin’ fine I’ll stand right here and hold your coats

Oh yes he is our president and proud we are to have him here

We like the way he bows to kings and smiles when we rise up to cheer

We like him ‘cause he’s just like us

Gals think he is a gorgeous cuss

Yes he’s our president and he’s the only thing we have to fear