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Divided Nation

Hank Williams Jr. has been fired by ESPN for words he used on another television show. Hank says he wasn’t fired, he quit. The Obama media seizes on even tangential references to demonize the knuckle dragging right. Did Hank Williams Jr call Obama Hitler? No he didn’t. But he used the word Hitler in the same group of sentences in which he used the word Obama, and so that was enough. It matters not that the Left routinely called President G. W. Bush Hitler. That’s allowable, because everyone knows it was the truth. I asked a liberal friend if Obama was Hitler, and he replied indignantly.



He ain’t no Hitler, ain’t no fuhrer

O’s a healer, the country’s curer

A sainted man, he ain’t no Stalin

Can’t say as much for Sarah Palin

He’s not Pol Pot, nor any other

Of guys like that, he’s just a brother

Who takes care of his friends and cronies

Not like them other Repub phonies

No he ain’t Hitler, but in a while

Next term I ‘spect you all to Heil


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