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The Archaeologist

Reuters examines the increasing racial divisions brought about by the election of the first black president, and the increasing hollowness of Obama’s claim to be a post racial president.  Young women and independents voted for Obama in large part because of his claim that he would salve the wounds of racial divide that some saw as pervasive in American society.  Instead, those wounds have gotten worse, and Obama is largely to blame, with the result that Obama’s poll numbers among his most ardent white supporters in 2008 have dropped alarmingly, alarmingly if you are a Democrat.  At the Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez has already called Obama a relic from the past.



A likely spot, the digger said

Some pottery, some tools

Museum stuff, now long time dead

New lessons from the fools

Who thought that it would never end

That good times rolled along

That they would have all they could spend

And never play the song

That ends with sorrow and with tears

And anger and no jobs

And life gets bitter with the years

Replacing Marx with Hobbes

These relics show how much they thought

Of those who paid the bills

They counted only votes they’ve bought

And now we have these hills

Of relics from the golden age

Mold filled and piled up high

Obama’s prints on every page

Passed always sine die

The diggers sweep away the dust

From bills no one could lift

And monuments turned red with rust

When end came it was swift