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Bound And Determined

We’re getting down to crunch time. Obama is twisting arms as only a Chicago pol knows how, demanding the Democrat Senate come out with a health care bill by Christmas. Some nervous Democrat Senators have been bought off, some have been threatened, the public option and expansion of Medicare have been taken out, and still they don’t have the 60 votes. But never underestimate the ability of the Left to destroy that which they touch. The Democrats are bound and determined to destroy the best health care system the world has ever seen, replacing it with a government run system complete with death panels, bureaucrats who will determine whether or not your grandmother should have that operation, with money better spent on someone younger, someone more likely to vote for those who promise free lunch and ice cream. But what if it isn’t your grandmother the bureaucrats are deciding on? What if it’s you? If Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the rest of the gang get their way, there will be many doctor/patient scenes like this:



Now then my man, what have we here, the doc said with a smile

Just what can I do for you today?

The man said firm and brisk and clear, I’ve had this little while

A problem that won’t seem to go away

Aha, I see, the doctor mused, while glancing at his chart

I see you have some trouble on your hands

There is a drug that may be used, and yes, I cross my heart

I’d use it now, except it’s just for glands

And so I fear there’s naught be done, the government says no

Your liver cancer must now run its course

If not for that you’d live another five, six months or so

But government is still the money source

I see the man said getting up, I know I’m not the first

Who wants to live his life a bit too long

The pain you know’s not letting up, this liver is the worst

And living six months longer is no song

It’s just that I would like to do a few things that I’d missed

Like climbing Mount McKinley and the like

And there may still be one or two sweet girls I have not kissed

And crossing old Death Valley on my bike

I know the government knows best, knows what is best for me

I thank my lucky stars that Harry Reid

And Nancy and Barack and all the rest can clearly see

That what they want is what we mortals need

So I’ll go home and pack my bags and get my good suit cleaned

And try to smile and hope for all the best

And I will know that my toe tags will read Death Panel Screened

Before they sent me to eternal rest