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Moammar Khadaffi was killed yesterday by an American drone that fired a Hellfire missile into a convoy carrying Khadaffi to an urgent appointment with death. The order to go ahead with the mission was given by President Obama. Where the President of the United States got the authority to kill foreign leaders, no matter how much they deserved killing, is a question. I have no doubt that when others get drones and Hellfires we will see attacks on convoys carrying presidents of the United States on trips to Kansas. But at least now we no longer have to wonder which spelling to use for Khadaffi. Khaddafi, Khadaffi, Q’adafi, Quadaffi – If a man’s name lives after him, the question is, which one will it be?



So now it’s done

Thanks to The One

Khadaffi he is dead

No more to toil

At drilling oil

But this much can be said

He had his fame

And now his name

For ages will be belled

His name ring free

Through history

No matter how it’s spelled


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