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A Citizen Of Rome

The immigration policy of the United States is lunacy. We are a country of immigrants, it is true, but our ancestors came here under controlled conditions, landed in Ellis Island, were processed and sent on their way, where they settled down to become Americans, studying the language and history. That is not the case today. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, said a few days ago that the German experiment in multiculturalism was an abject failure, and so it is with us, though our immigrant problems are different from Germany’s. Their problem is unassimilated Turks who do not want to become Germans or speak German, while our problem is unassimilated Mexicans who cross the border unimpeded, demand their language be spoken, and openly state their goal is to return the southwest states to Mexico. And given time and the continuance of our lunatic immigration policy, they will.  



They welcomed the men

And the women back then

And they flocked to the city of gold

Where they went on the dole

And they murdered and stole

There’s a lesson from history of old

They were Romans in name

Playing out their sweet game

Pretty soon politicians took note

And they joined in the ride

And with fierce Roman pride

Got elected with immigrant vote

Now we know what came next

It is there in the text

Written history as plain as your face

When you go down that path

It is pure simple math

That you wind up for good in last place



A Woman From Norway

Immigration is not what it used to be. There was a time you booked passage on a ship, crossed the Atlantic, spent a few hours in Ellis Island and were sent on your way. No visits to consulates, no background checks, no tests, no interviews, no waiting for years to be let in. Now it’s all hassle for anyone to gain legal immigrant status, to the extent it’s surprising anyone even tries. It’s no hassle, of course, for illegal immigrants from certain countries. They just walk across the border, get free health care, free schools for their kids, and sooner or later amnesty makes them citizens, while those who try the legal way wait in limbo while favored others cut in line. Thank goodness my grandmother came when she did.



A woman from Norway with tow-headed kids

Boarded ship for the US one day

And settled in steerage so young and afraid

Their passage was only one way

The northern Atlantic in winter was fierce

And in steerage the air grew most foul

As the ship heeled to seas that came crashing aboard

And the wind made the most fearsome howl

At Ellis they waited in rooms densely packed

Where clerks at long tables all day

Asked for places of birth and the spelling of names

And in short time were sent on their way

No consular visits, no bulletproof glass

No scanners, no waiting for years

She got on a ship with her husband and kids

After kissing her family with tears

They settled in Philly and raised fine strong sons

And beautiful daughters as well

And that’s how my grandmom came to the New World

And I have a story to tell