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The Coming Hyper-Inflation

Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has said inflation is one of the answers to our current debt crisis, whereby an inflated and thus weaker and worth less dollar will be used to pay off the bonds and T-bills held by China, but also by the American public. Purposeful inflation is robbery, a deliberate pauperization of the citizenry to get the politicians who caused the problem to make it seem they are solving the problem. The Weimar Republic tried this in the 20s in Germany, and they got Hitler.



Buried deep in deadly debt

We fear we ain’t seen nothing yet

The Fed is busy pumping cash

Hoping to avoid a crash

Inflating dollars is their plan

To get the hungry working man

Up on his feet so he can pay

His taxes and yes by the way

If Wall Street takes the lion’s share

The Fed will say that shows we care

In meantime my small T-bill stock

And cash on hand will feel the shock

As steep inflation cuts in half

My equity while bankers laugh

The Fed and Wall Street’s mad affair

Is blatant ‘cause the happy pair

Believe the Wise Men know what’s best

But we know that it’s plain incest