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Intelligence Files

As of this writing events in Cairo are in the To Be Determined stage. Will Mubarak leave? Will his leaving be enough to quiet the crowd? The Army has not yet acted, but what if they don’t? What happens if the only civilian organized entity capable of taking advantage of the situation is allowed freedom to act? The Muslim Brotherhood is that entity, and they are no friends of the United States or Israel or the West in general. For thirty years Mubarak has cooperated with the US in intelligence and other vital matters. What happens if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control of the government? What happens to the files? How long before Egyptians in our employ are quietly murdered? How long before the entire Rendition program, where we sent captured al Qaeda to Egypt for interrogation, with names and dates, is on Wikileaks, and how long after that before the American Left, the Democrats and the New York Times and the rest of the scum start screaming for George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to be held for trial as war criminals?



Intelligence, once thought to mean

An IQ test as it was seen

By those who seem to feel we’re all alike

Is not the same as we have here

Details of things that some hold dear

Like what we have and where it’s best to strike

Intelligence, once called G2

Is destined for the eyes of few

And must on no account see light of day

That’s why the files in Cairo must

Remain in hands of those we trust

And if they don’t there might be hell to pay

As agents on our side are killed

And voices that we need are stilled

As bearded men read secret stuff with glee

One hopes that much to their surprise

The secret stuff that meets their eyes

Has dates that end in 1963.


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