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They Made Off With It

Madoff trustee Irving Picard is suing Bernie Madoff’s brother, sons and niece for 198.7 million dollars for using investors’ money as a piggy bank to furnish their lavish lifestyles of million dollar homes, boats, vacations and what-not. The 71 year old Madoff is currently serving a 150 year sentence for running the world’s best and most successful Ponzi scheme, and will be a very old man when he gets out. One wishes Mr. Picard much luck, and wonders if Mr. Picard is related in any way to the estimable Auguste and Jacques Piccard, inventors of the deep sea diving bathyscaphe, because he is going to need some real deep sea diving gear to find that money.  



To steal from the rich and give to the poor

Is by and large accepted

But Bernie stole it from the rich

And then he went and kept it

So now he’s resting well in jail

A long term lifer inmate

As rich investors weep and wail

Like every other ingrate

Who thought she’d found a real good thing

An honorable investor

Who’d turn her dough to so much bling

She’d think that God had blessed her

So now the Madoff clan is sued

To try to get the money

That to the clannish hands accrued

Like falling leaves to honey

The trustee man we wish him well

He’ll need a deep sea diver

That dough’s so deep a diving bell

Won’t come up with a fiver