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Bobby And Jack

President Obama has so far shown a pronounced reluctance to fight, to stand up for American interests, and soon will face the most deadly crisis of all, a nuclear armed Iran. What will he do? Will he be John Kennedy, and act forcefully, or will he back down and grovel? Imagine the conversation between Jack and Bobby as they view the current occupant of the White House.



BOBBY: I think Iran is shaping up

To hit us good and hard

The problem is Obama has

Let down the country’s guard


JACK: It’s like the missiles, Bobby, when

I made that Khruschev blink

Eyeball to eyeball we went and

I told the Navy sink

The ships that carried missiles to

That island in the sun

They turned around and went back home

Would not stare down the gun


BOBBY: But that was then and this is now

Obama’s now in charge

I fear he’ll just equivocate

And tell the world at large

That we no longer have the will

To stand up for a fight

I greatly fear that he’ll back down

And not do what is right


JACK: It saddens me to think of what

Our party has become

Where once we had a Truman now

Obama sticks his thumb

Right up his ass and makes believe

He’s just as tough as nails

Yet when the merde hits the fan

The navy never sails


BOBBY: How did the country ever think

A man like that could lead

We see the future, Jack, and know

A coward can’t succeed


JACK: There’s still a chance, the future’s not

A record set in stone

The country has good men on call

And they are not alone

We will survive, we always have

We muddle through somehow

Survived some lousy presidents

Come on, let’s get some chow


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