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Jackson Jackson

Jesse Jackson Jr. a Democrat congressman from somewhere, and the son of the Reverend Jesse Jackson,. is now urging President Obama to go outside the Constitution and rule by decree from the White House. No more Congress for Jackson Jr. No more rule of law, no more icky Constitution standing in the way of liberal progress. No sir. Like his old man, Jesse Jr. is as dumb as a busload of Black Caucus leaders.



Jackson, Jackson, father, son

Not a clue in either one

Little children with a gun

We smirk and scoff and laugh

Dictator is what they want

Kill the white man to be blunt

We laugh and think it’s just a stunt

They’re just too dumb by half

Obama likes what Junior says

A dictator is more than prez

He sees himself in Muslim fez

And that’s our epitaph


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