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The Judge

Joran van der Sloot has been arrested in Peru for the murder of a young Peruvian woman. This is the same van der Sloot who murdered a young American woman named Natalee Holloway a few years ago and got away with it, thanks to his father, a Judge in the Aruban legal system, who helped him dispose of the body and then covered up the crime. The father is thus just as responsible for the murder of the Peruvian woman as the son, though the father is now beyond the law, having died himself not so long ago. Nonetheless, dead or alive, the Judge is an accomplice to murder.



He killed the girl then got his dad

A judge, officer of the court

They buried her, then denied all

A pretty girl, fini, dead, mort

The judge cared not at all his son

Had murdered and kept freedom still

The judge complicit in one death

Now dead but present in the latest kill

How many others lie alone

In graves the son and father made

How many girls succumbed to charms

How many girls the death price paid

And now he’s caught, perhaps we’ll know

Despite for all the question’s moot

How many girls died at the hands

Of son and father van der Sloot



The Lady And The Dutchman

Joran van der Sloot, the murderer of Natalee Halladay, the eighteen year old American woman who went to Aruba on vacation and disappeared, has been arrested and has confessed to the murder of another young woman in  Peru. He told the Peruvian police he didn’t want to kill her, but he had left the hotel room for coffee and when he came back into the room she was looking at his laptop computer, and so she had to die. No remorse, just a dry recitation of events in which he, of course, is the victim of the murdered woman’s curiosity. If she had not opened his computer she would be alive today, so it wasn’t his fault. Let us hope the Peruvians have a length of rope handy.



When does a man know his future is clear

When he no longer believes that his lies are the truth

When he’s questioned by cops in a tight little booth

When the crimes he commits are not sins of his youth

Then he knows retribution is near

It is then that he looks to his innermost soul

And he sees there is darkness and nothing is whole

And the gallows is now his penultimate goal

And his only emotion is fear

When the world that he knew is but crumbled to dust

And the shackles and cuffs say the law is still just

And the penalty’s death for the murderous lust

And the hangman’s adjusting his gear