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My Old Plame

Hollywood has brought out a movie called Fair Game, or the Adventures of Joseph and Valerie Wilson, aka Valerie Plame. The movie is based on the self serving, filled with lies and distortions books written by the shy, retiring, self effacing pair. The movie bears no relation to reality, but that is not the point. The point of just about every Hollywood movie these days is to make the United States look evil or stupid or both. The question of course is, does anyone remember Valerie Plame or Joseph Wilson? And if anyone does remember either of them, does that anyone care? There was an old song, back in the 30s or 40s, called My Old Flame. Sappy lyric, but with a few adjustments it fits.



My old Plame

I can’t even think of her name

But it’s funny how and then

That my thoughts go running back again

To my old Plame

I’ve met so many who had fascinating ways

A fascinating gaze in their eyes

Fascinating ways to their lies

And when she wrote a book

We counted all the lies it took

From my old Plame

My old Plame

She let Scooter take all the blame

She had all the Dems to thank

As she ran not walked into her bank

Did my old Plame

And now a movie tells her story sad and true

A story only cameras can tell

How one Bob Nowak made her life hell

But now she’s in the chips

And now the past is just some blips

For my old Plame