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A Little Trip Out West

It is being reported that the NYC trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been scotched, though the trial will go on, but in another city. Which city? That’s what Obama and friends are debating as we speak.



If not New York, Obama cried

Where can we find the truth?

In New Orleans or Detroit town

Or possibly Duluth?

Or Philly just might be the place

In Independence Hall

Where certain people gathered once

Doing what I don’t recall

Then up spake gentle Robert Gibbs

A smile upon his face

Your Majesty he said and bowed

I know what’s just the place

That shining city on a hill

That city by the bay

The Golden Gate and Asiatown

A jury wise and fey

That’s it! Hussein cried, leaping up

We all know who’s the victim

Let’s put him in Pelosi town

They never will convict him