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We Think You’re Dumb, But We’re On Your Side

The Washington Times has revealed that the United States Justice Department has ruled that a small town of 23,000 people in North Carolina, two-thirds of whom are Black, cannot have an election where the candidates on the ballot have no party label, saying that without a Democratic party label the Black voters of the town would not know who to vote for. The question is, who is the racist here, the black folks of Kinston, NC who know their neighbors and who voted in a valid election to have non-party identified candidates, or the same Justice Department hack who dismissed charges against the Black Panthers who forcefully and aggressively intimidated white voters at a polling booth in Philadelphia last election and who now says that Black people are too dumb to vote without being told which candidate is the Democrat?



Now listen up, here’s how it works

We put a great big D

Next to the name so you dumb jerks

Know where your rice bowl be

We can’t expect that you will know

Your neighbor is a Dem

We can’t afford you’ll stoop so low

To vote for one of them

By them I mean the GOP

Those racist gangsters who

Would suck the blood from you and me

And stick it to us too

That’s why we need you be aware

Of just who’s on your side

Without a label you’d just stare

Unable to decide

You’d stand and scratch your wooly head

Bewildered and perplexed

You know the Rs just want you dead

We’ll get those suckers next

In closing let me say to all

Black voters in the State

It’s folks like you answering the call

Who make this country great