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Decorated Lies

Kodak is gone, filed for bankruptcy, and with it pensions and healthcare once promised in brighter times. And Kodak is not alone. The Federal government has promised so much to so many that it now finds itself about to go over the cliff. I met an old man a few days ago, a man who had lived a long life under the rule of the progressives, and he stopped sobbing long enough to tell me his sad tale. He cried again when he had finished and begged forgiveness. I told him it wasn’t entirely his fault and bought him a drink. Here is his tale, which I present in its lachrymose entirety.


I tell you I am mighty miffed

The Dems had promised me a gift

They said would make my life and day complete

They said I needn’t work at all

They’d rob rich Peter to pay Paul

And all I had to do was use my feet

To walk into the polls and vote

And somebody would hold my coat

While I pulled every lever they desired

I didn’t know when I said yes

That I would soon be in distress

I’ll tell you what went down and what transpired

At first it was a little thing

A very gentle quiet ping

Like temple bells so soft and so serene

None noticed FDR had set

In motion stuff that’s with us yet

That changed our stable course to crazed careen

I voted Dem for all those years

They played upon my basest fears

And I believed just every word they said

I needn’t work, I needn’t save

They’d take me cradle to the grave

I couldn’t see I was already dead

But I’ve awakened now at last

And while I can’t undo the past

At least I can tell others what I’ve found

The mommy state is just slow death

And we breathe now our dying breath

As socialism leaves us tied and bound

Unable to rise to our feet

In thrall yet to the Left elite

With coal black ravens picking at our eyes

And yet the lefties still insist

That those black clouds are just a mist

And future wonders will be no surprise

But what we see is death and debt

As printing presses scream and yet

The money loses value day by day

Our women say they want no kids

The Left makes piles of pyramids

With laws designed to take freedom away

I tell you if I had but known

What lay in store I would have thrown

A bomb or two before it was too late

But I believed their oily smiles

I did not see their evil wiles

And with my vote I sealed your frickin’ fate

Oh yes they told us things they knew

Would get the votes and then it grew

With each and every smile and crinkled eyes

And now too late for you and me

We finally get around to see

That what they sold were decorated lies


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