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A Matter Of Geography

A man in Florida burnt a Koran, and after hearing about it outraged muslims murdered ten innocent UN workers in Pakistan, beheading two of them. I spoke the other day with a moderate Arab of my acquaintance and asked him why his co-religionists behead people just because someone far away burnt a Koran. He said it was because of geography.



When folks insult the Blessed One

He said in tones so weary

It gives us chaps a little fun

Our lives are all so dreary

So when the mullahs yell about

A burnt Koran or cartoons

We run in circles, scream and shout

Race up and down the sand dunes

And that is why you’ll always link

Beheadings with the Paki

We Saudis and Egyptians think

That sort of thing is tacky

The Pakis now, they have no dunes

No place to quell emotions

So when the mullahs scream cartoons

Their heads get filled with notions

We Arabs, blessed with all this sand

Are outraged like the Paki

But we would never raise a hand

And do something so wacky

And now I must run to the jail

A young girl needs atoning

She showed her face without a veil

And I’m late for the stoning


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