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Sterling Silver

A Mr. Adam Silver, Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, has decreed that a Mr. Donald Sterling, owner of, among other things, the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, be fined, denied entrance to his own building and denied any influence or direction in the activities of the team he owns, all for using language in a private conversation that certain people, including Mr. Silver, disapprove of, all on the authority of the constitution of the National Basketball Association. No mention has been made anywhere that I can see that Mr. Sterling has the absolute right as an American citizen to say whatever he wants in a private conversation. If his millionaire employees don’t like what he said they have the option of quitting and finding a part time job, but I don’t see any of them being quite that offended. I have no concern for the travails of Mr. Sterling, having heard his name for the first time just days ago, but I have a great deal of concern for the Constitution of the United States, which I believe is not inferior to the constitution of the National Basketball Association. I do not believe Mr. Sterling will sit quietly in a corner sucking his thumb. Mr. Summers took his unjustified feminist dismissal from Harvard lying down, but I don’t see Mr. Sterling knuckling under to the race hustlers. I predict he will bring civil suit against Mr. Silver and the NBA and win. The other owners know this and will not vote to force him to sell his team for his use of a few not well chosen words. If this holds, and a man can be deprived of his property because his words offended people, where will it end? The answer to that question is easy. It will end in fascist tyranny, a state the United States is now perilously close to achieving.

The Constitution now is being shredded
The First Amendment crippled, ripped and torn
For decades now we’ve seen where we were headed
Americans no longer free men born
The Left has not so subtly changed the nation
From laws that gave all citizens the right
To speak their minds no matter what their station
And never fear a knock on door at night
But grievance now trumps law in many cases
Minorities now thumb their nose at law
Demanding that the lipstick or dark faces
Now rules because of past wrongs that rubbed raw
The feminists demand Summers be fired
For wondering if men were good at math
And Sterling finds himself in lawsuit mired
For words that caused the racist hucksters’ wrath
The grievance industry has reached full flower
They’ve thrown the Constitution in the trash
They’ve grabbed the mighty reins of public power
And woe to those who whisper something rash