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Liberal Racism

There is a reason the Left treats guys like Herman Cain and Justice Thomas as they do, and the reason is the Left cannot abide a darkie leaving the plantation. To the Left this is not racism, this is generosity, and idealism, for where could life be better than on the plantation?



Oh what a tangle web they weave

When they say that they don’t believe

The color of men’s skin should be in play

Their words and attitudes both show

That racism is all they know

And tell us all about it every day

It’s all part of the liberal mind

Though some will think me most unkind

For saying that the Left thinks guys like Cain

Are traitors who don’t know the facts

Or must be dumb because he lacks

The brains to understand that he’s in pain

Of course they like the Blacks who vote

For Lefty masters who can quote

The reasons why the Negro should be pleased

That all their lives have been enhanced

By left wing programs that just chanced

To lock them all in bondage till deceased

They see the world through prism’d eyes

Where all not them they do despise

And men like Cain they hate since time began

They cannot see because of hate

That neither color, breadth nor weight

Is ever the true measure of a man


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