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The Triumph Of The Will

For seventy years the Democrats have chipped away at American freedoms, one salami slice at a time. The Liberal/Progressive agenda is to turn the United States into a failed socialist utopia, and the Republicans have gone along with the Progressive anschluss, afraid to disturb the sleep of the American public. And now we have in the White House Barack Obama, the leftmost lefty ever to occupy the Oval Office, and he has demonstrated he has the will to defy the Congress and the Constitution in order to complete the destruction of the United States. And so the man with the will to do as he will prevails, cheered on by the Leni Riefenstahl’s of the MSM.



The motorcade with sirens blare

The Man, the Moment, without care

The cheers from wild progressive throats

The pensioners who’ve sold their votes

The lazy who just take what comes

The innocent who suck their thumbs

The beaten who avert their eyes

The pols who just divide the pies

The folks who nominate a Mitt

Who’d never have a screaming fit

And wants to do the thing that’s right

But not if it will take a fight

All watch the motorcade fly past

And know why good guys finish last


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