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It’s A Changeling World

In Berkeley, California, a married lesbian couple was allowed to adopt a two year old baby boy named Thomas. And now, at the age of eight, they are turning Thomas into a girl named Tammy by hormone blocking treatment, thus preventing him from going through puberty as a boy. Tammy now says he has always wanted to be a girl, but others are outraged that the lesbians have taken it upon themselves to force their own male-hatred views on an innocent eight year old boy. But what if Thomas really and truly wants to be a girl? Not that I think for a moment that he would have absent brainwashing from his lesbian adoptive mothers, but just for fun, what if he really wants to be a girl? Haven’t we all been taught that we can be anything we want to be? Isn’t that the American dream?



So what if now I want to be

A girl with shiny curls

What’s wrong with little boys who see

Themselves as little girls

If we can be what e’er we like

Why limit it to sex

Why not an eagle or a shrike

Who’s God to stack the decks?

If changes are to come our way

Then some would opt for show

A lion or a brilliant ray

Of sunshine’s morning glow

A cricket chirping out his song

A mongoose stalking snakes

A little thought, you can’t go wrong

And that is all it takes

Yes one day this will all come true

The choice will be your own

A pretty girl with eyes of blue

May keep you as her phone

Yes boys are boys and girls are girls

Some crew cut, some are curled

But soon enough distinction swirls

For it’s a changeling world

I know if had but the means

And if no one could meddle

I’d like to be an English Queen’s

Own personal tea kettle


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