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Ain’t Gonna Study War No More

Since Obama started the war against Khaddafi and then left it to the French and Brits to finish it, the French and Brits seem reluctant to see it through. There is reason to believe the French and British publics are wary of putting their soldiers in combat again. If we had lost the number of men the British and French lost in WW1, and the remembered horrors of WW2, I suspect we too would be loath to get involved in any war that was not of vital national interest.



There was a time, remember when

The Tommies and their pipers

Would fight the Krauts and die like men

At Passchendaele and Wipers

And at Verdun the poilu fought

For land the German treasured

The blood they paid, the time they bought

Could not in gold be measured

But that was then and long ago

A million graves abide there

It seems but just a song ago

Two generations died there

Nevermore, the women wept

While children cried at bedtime

And then again o’er them it swept

No singing then at dead time

Black Prince and Boney are no more

The glory days are finished

Cheering Tommies off the war

Is very much diminished

And Frenchmen too look well askance

At wars that do not bind them

They all know they’ve been to that dance

Now stay at home we’ll find them


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