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War Is Hell


Chief of Staff Admiral Mullen said today that the mission in Libya is to protect the civilian population and not necessarily to depose Kaddafi. If not to depose Kaddafi, then why are we there? And to make matters worse, in a few days the American navy will be placed under the command of a foreign officer. I thank our lucky stars that the United States has leaders like Obama and Hillary. Where would we be without them?



Sherman said that war is hell

He said it with a laugh

He knew in future, knew darn well

We’d do war by the half

We bring our fleets up close to shore

With CNN and Fox

Sending pictures home of war

And grinning fighter jocks

And then we find that what the heck

We do not plan to win

The plan is just to keep in check

The war as it had been

The rebels hunkered in the east

Kaddafi in the west

We have no interest in the least

In who we like the best

And what is more at O’s demand

That soon the big ship’s bell

Will toll a Brit or Frog command

I tell you war is hell


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