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Louis Qatorze

Kings had less power than today’s politicians and bureaucrats, who can, with a midnight vote or the writing of a regulation, enrich or destroy those they wish to enrich or destroy.



When Louis Quatorze was on the throne

He shone as though the sun

Was something he alone did own

Perfection he had won

But Louis had less power than

A President today

Who points a finger at a man

And puts that man in play

Where regulations favor him

And tax codes are arranged

To guarantee by lawful whim

That taxes are estranged

A Congressman, a bureaucrat

A K Street lobbyist

A Senator, a Eurocrat

Make Lou a hobbyist

They all have power Louis lacked

The power to coerce

The power to choose whom he backed

The power of the purse

Yes Louis had what he loved most

His crown, his courtiers wise

But government officials boast

A thousand- fold Versailles


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