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A Well Deserved Contempt

Dana Milbank, at the Washington Post, writes of President Obama’s utter disdain for the press at the recently concluded nuclear summit in Washington, DC, a summit attended by some of the world’s foremost dictators, but not the two principal culprits, Iran and North Korea. Milbank seems to feel that the press was treated shabbily by the president, not allowing them access to the meetings or the summiteers. But what does the press expect? Slavish devotion and boot-licking by the press was bound to create a sense of profound and well deserved contempt on the part of the president.



The press thinks it’s entitled to

Speak with any bigwig who

Happens to be visiting these shores

They feel as any dog would feel

When master tells them all to heel

And acts in ways the press surely deplores

The press cares not Obama seeks

To raise the debt to untold peaks

They care not all if Iran nukes the Jews

They get upset and only when

Obama treats them not like men

But like a lapdog he can well abuse

Of course the press will surely find

That loving Obie Wan is kind

Of like them loving someone’s chilly stare

Obama treats them all like dirt

They grovel more the more they’re hurt

And why should we, or Obie, really care