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Obama Girl

During the presidential election campaign of 2008, young white women fell in love with Barack Obama, the cool, the hip, the strong, beautiful black man they lusted for in their dreams. Obama Girl was one of these, gaining momentary fame with her YouTube songs in praise of Barack the Savior. Obama Girl and her sisters got their wish, they got their dream. Unfortunately, their dream has turned out to be a nightmare for the rest of us. 



What have you done, Obama Girl?

You’ve put the country in great peril

You’ve put in place a president who seems

To think that dressing up like Mao

And giving emperors a bow

Is just the kind of prez who meets your dreams

But is this what you had in mind

When you and others of your kind

Went to the polls and voted in Barack

Who smiled and said it would be neat

If he had Oval Office seat

And country’s sins forgiven ‘cause he’s black

He’s tripled up the national debt

He’s vowed that Fox News he would get

He’s from Chicago, he means what he says

He has a long name enemies list

With very few that he has missed

You just can’t disagree with this here prez

He wants to gut our good health care

And put in place one that is fair

A health care plan that’s run by union goons

The same fine group of gals and guys

Who work for Acorn, no surprise

Who’ll make you wait for treatment many moons

The unemployment rate is up

The country drinks from bitter cup

The dollar shrinks and China says no way

That we continue buying bonds

With interest paid with magic wands

From now on when we ship you stuff you pay

With all this going on, dear girl

The man you loved is on a whirl

Wind tour of places he can bow and scrape

To kings and emperors alike

And as Iran prepares to strike

He thinks by doing nothing we’ll escape

What have you done, Obama Girl?

You’ve placed the country in great peril

You’ve put in place a president who seems

To want the country on its ear

And what is more, we greatly fear

There’s more to come than in our blackest dreams