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Climate Hope And Change

The House has narrowly passed, with a great deal of arm twisting by Pelosi, the Markey-Waxman climate bill, designed to change our electricity generating plants from fossil fuel to “green” fuels by taxing out of existence the fossil fuel burning energy sources that produce 90% of our electricity. Hydroelectric produces a further 7%, meaning 3% of our electricity is now produced by renewable sources acceptable to the ultra-liberal environmental crowd, including President Obama, who views a climate bill’s cap and trade provisions of carbon credits a means of taxing his way out of the enormous debt he has put us in. So the Dems are giving us a choice; either we pay three or four times as much for our electricity as we do now because the carbon tax will be passed on to us, or we do without electricity, because wind and solar cannot provide at any time in the near or distant future 100% of our electricity needs. So President Obama needs a cap and trade climate bill, and the only way he can get it is to insist the climate is changing and we’re all gonna die if we don’t stop burning coal and oil and if we all don’t stop exhaling carbon dioxide.



The climate is changing, we’re told by the One

Regardless of facts that it’s not

And even if proven we’re warmed by the sun

He’d not change his mind by a jot

The icebergs are melting, the bears in decline

The seas are all rising a lot

And even if proven the bears are all fine

He’d not change his mind by a jot

The air is polluted with carbon you know

It’s hard to know just what we’ve got

But even if proven the air’s fresh as snow

He’d not change his mind by a jot

He’ll not change positions on climate, we’re told

He says that it’s gonna get hot

And even if proven we’re gonna get cold

He’d not change his mind by a jot

For climate’s the answer to things that he lacks

He sees it as dough for the pot

And even if shown that it’s really a tax

He’d not change his mind by a jot