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Marx And Angles

In the Washington Post, Marxist professor Gregory Clark argues that the wages of unskilled workers have peaked, and that to keep social peace the government will have to tax the productive members of society to subsidize the unproductive. Isn’t this what we are doing now? Has Professor Clark not heard of the welfare check? The heart of his argument, however, is that the number of unskilled will continue to grow, and that, in his view, is both problem and opportunity; a problem in that there will be many millions of unproductive workers to feed, and an opportunity in that those millions of hungry mouths provide the opportunity to impose a Marxist solution. To people like Gregory Clark, The Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is the solution to all our problems, no matter how disastrously wrong that manifesto has been in the past.


What the good professor doesn’t say is that the growth of uneducated unskilled workers is publicly unstated government policy, whereby a debased educational system and an immigration system that invites millions of uneducated and unskilled third world people into the country with promised and delivered benefits leads to a permanent underclass dependent upon the government hand that feeds them. This benevolent and beneficent hand, to which is attached the Democratic party, is thus, by the votes of these dependents, locked into eternal power, and with eternal power comes the ability to extend the hand or ball it into a fist.     



The muted songs of meadowlarks

Give way at dusk to firefly sparks

And deep in dark the tree frog sings hello

I lay inside my ten room shack

And thank the lord that Marx is back

So those above take care of us below

It’s not my fault these working hands

That gathered corn and shoveled sands

Are idle in this workless world of ours

Where unskilled workers such as I

Have not the chance to share the pie

And so I sit and stare at walls for hours

My wife and kids they do all right

The gummint check just came tonight

I figured out what’s best for me and mine

I’ve got the angles covered now

No more a life behind the plow

With Marx and angles we’ll be doing fine