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Gaudeamus Igitur

Our so-called elite universities have deteriorated over the past thirty years from places of learning to places of Marxist indoctrination. The professoriate is composed almost entirely of former 60s radicals who never lost their love for Marx and Stalin or their hatred and disdain for the life and culture of the United States. And yet people still send their children to places like Harvard and Yale, believing that an Ivy education will see their kids into the economic promised land. The frightening thing is that these indoctrinated kids, upon graduation, go out into the world and into government and academia, corrupting succeeding generations in their turn.



It seems a long, long time, how sad

That JFK could say he had

The best of worlds with no exaggeration

He told the story with much glee

That now he had a Yale degree

And top of that a Harvard education

But this is now and that was then

And Ivies now, including Penn

Have drifted far below the radar screen

Too many lefties in the gown

Too many sneers at those in town

They’ve sunk so low that people now have seen

That what once passed for elite schools

Are now just crappy cess filled pools

Where tender young’uns have their brain pans fried

With marxist liberal mumbo cant

From profs who scream their red rimmed rant

Then graduate to stride the world with pride