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Retreat Hell, I Just Got Here

After an exhausting day trying to cram some semblance of sense into the thick skulls of the Republican scum, President Obama was in a relaxed mood as he engaged in his favorite activity, reverie. My tape recorder on, I pressed him to explain the purpose of his visit to Baltimore and the Republican retreat.



I feel relaxed, Obama smiled

My super brain just drove them wild

They sputtered and they stammered at my facts

With IQs in the lower half

To watch them squirm it was to laugh

They’d double their brain score with just two blacks

But like all white folks they just sat

And thought that this was just a chat

The president was talking just to them

It flattered them to think that I

A better speaking brighter guy

Would treat them just the same as fellow Dem

The purpose of the trip of course

Was not to ride the healthcare horse

But Baltimore was on my list to do

The crabcakes were a special treat

In truth I went there just to eat

And had some snapper with some sherry too

So now I’m pumped and on my game

Just put them white folks out to shame

I’m ready now to rumble with them cats

I’m ramming healthcare down their throats

With KSM I feel my oats

And come November squash those dirty rats

With that he drifted off to sleep

And I with missions I must keep

Left quietly and heard a gentle snore

The next room held a quiet crew

Pelosi, Reid and Biden too

I winked at them and softly closed the door