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A Powerful Left

How did the radical left become so powerful? When did the people of the United States cede to a small group of radical left wing activists the right to decide what we ate, what we smoked, what kind of cars we drove, how much we weighed, or what we should think? How did the radical left get to decide that we should not drill for oil within our own borders but should remain enslaved to the Middle East? When did we give them the right to tell us we could not have electricity from nuclear power plants? What sort of society would allow a radical homosexual group to decide that kindergarten children should be introduced to the joys of homosexuality? Why have we allowed every tiny interest group that forms itself to tell our textbook publishers what they can and cannot say in their textbooks? Our entire lives, and the lives of our children and grandchildren, are governed by the wishes and desires of the radical left, who wish nothing but ill for the United States. The universities are filled with people of the radical left; the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the radical left; the once great Democratic party, the party of Truman and JFK and Scoop Jackson and Daniel Patrick Moynihan, is now the captured love child of the radical left, represented in Congress by the likes of Maxine Waters and John Conyers, and in the radical Obama administration by the likes of Lloyd Clark and the now happily departed Van Jones. I grieve for the country I knew, a country that is no more.



The day is gone when Country stood

For God and truth and honor

But now we’re ruled by those who would

Bring harm and hurt upon her

I miss the day when free men ruled

Without three dozen czars

I miss the day when no one fooled

With stripes and field and stars

How did it come a tiny fish

Could cause the water flow

To farmers fields a distant wish

As whackos shouted No

How did it come we have the oil

To make our factories hum

But envirowhackos’ ceaseless toil

Keeps drilling rigs so mum

I miss the day when we could vote

For honest men and women

Who didn’t try to rock the boat

Till everyone was swimmin’

I know the good old days were not

As good as I remember

I just don’t like the ones we’ve got

And can’t wait for November

To run the lefties out of town

And bury them forever

And turning Lady Liberty’s crown

To democracy’s endeavor