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A Dragon Pulled Chariot

An American peace activist named Medea Benjamin injected herself into Egyptian politics and was roughed up by the police, whereupon she screamed for the American government to protect her. There might have been a time when being an American was protection enough, but those days are gone, and American busybodies are now nobodies. When did Medea Benjamin become a nobody? The answer is she was always a nobody, but being American once allowed busybody Americans to go to foreign countries and throw their supposed weight around. The more interesting question is why did her parents name her Medea. Or did she choose it for herself later. We all know the story of the Medea of Euripides. She was a killer who was spirited out of danger by her grandfather, the Sun King, in a dragon pulled chariot. No dragon pulled chariots for this Medea, just an Egyptian police paddy wagon.

The world at large despairs for peace, was her unshaken curse
In weakness and submission world peace lay
She did not know or did not care that weakness made things worse
That weakness and submission made you prey
Busybodies from this country roamed the world at large
Demanding other people change their ways
Insisting they were smarter and deserved to be in charge
Thank goodness we are now beyond those days