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Media Wars

The numbers do not look good for President Obama at this early stage in the 2012 election campaign. The wars in Afghanistan and Libya are not going well, gas is at five dollars a gallon, unemployment is high, inflation is evident at the grocery store, and people who voted for hope and change are realizing there is no hope and they’re down to loose change. But Obama is not worried. The president’s strategy is clear: win the war in the American media.



My fellow citizens of the world

We’re in a war today

A war we neither sought nor want

A war that came our way

A war upon a peaceful group

In far off Hindu Kush

Who never did a thing to us

Begun by evil Bush

I am commander yes in chief

Of forces all arrayed

Including WaPo and the Times

And all the news that’s played

On every network TV show

Including those for laughs

And this is how we win this war

With lies and phony graphs

We have the papers on our side

And folks who tingle too

They’ll spin each storyline our way

We’ll turn the country blue

My goal is not to win the wars

In Libya or the Stans

The wars will be won here at home

With press, my trusty fans

The GOP, in Allah’s words

Will die election night

In 2012 we shall return

The future, friends, is bright


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