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Into The Wind

A writer named Steven Metz has written an article for The New Republic that tries to explain Obama’s bewildering actions in Libya. Metz says it all may just be a lot more brilliant than given credit for; that keeping y all your options open means the door never closes behind you, and that if you don’t call it a war but call it a kinetic adventure or some such you cannot be blamed for losing a war if you lose, and if you win you can always say of course it was a war, and we won. This explanation sounds more like Casey Stengel, the manager of the Amazin’ New York Mets. Wondering if Mr. Metz could be right, I sent this letter to President Obama.



I didn’t know the Mets now write

The New Republic’s pieces

And though it may seem very trite

I sorta like their thesis

Except you sure can lose a game

No matter you define it

And just because you change the name

Won’t mean you can decline it

And open options while they may

Not close the door behind you

At some point you have got to play

As many will remind you

The Mets they are a sometime team

Where everybody loses

Where every season’s a bad dream

Where there’re more don’ts than do’ses

So while I like their writing style

I think you’re wrong to listen

And try to run a war the while

Into the wind you’re pissin’


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