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The Good Earth

Writer Amy Chua says Chinese mothers are Mother Tigers who drive their children to achieve at all costs. A Chinese child is expected to attend the best schools, get the best grades, and get the best jobs. No slacking, no shirking, or Mama Tiger will burn all your toys. Does this work? The evidence is that it does, though the extremely high performance rating for Shanghai schools is suspect. There is no question however that kids who burn the books are the ones who solve the problems, and if we’re not careful it may turn out that to the Chinese we are the problem.



Once the land of floods and famines

Now the land of lithesome gamins

Who grow up as Tiger Mothers

At least the ones who have no brothers

For if she had a brother dear

Then she herself would not be here

One child is all a family gets

Which does explain how mama frets

When only child just likes to play

And be a boy not work all day

To shoot some hoops not read five books

Despite the fearful Tiger’s looks

By all means lad, go get your grades

You’ve got it all, a slam in spades


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