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Arab Spring Has Sprung

The so-called Arab Street that cheered wildly when Mubarak was forced out by Obama, is now a bit more subdued as they realize the Arab Spring has sprung, and now appears to be teetering at the edge of a cliff. As of this writing Khaddafi is still in power, Assad is murdering his own people for daring to question his right to rule, and even Arabs know that changing one set of dictators for another set is not what they had hoped for. But that’s Obama. Hope and change seems always to morph into No hope and No change.



The Spring has sprung

The bells have rung

The people have quit cheering

Obama shrugs

He’s out of hugs

He’s no longer endearing

The Arabs see

That such as he

Is just a weak horse gelding

As the collapse

Calls for perhaps

Some riveting or welding

To keep intact

Obama’s pact

To topple all dictators

But now they know

It’s all for show

Obama’s small potaters

The Arab Spring

Was thought to bring

The end of the Israeli

But Obie ain’t

Their patron saint

And sure ain’t no Disraeli


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