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The Periphery

Obama, through incompetence or indifference, has hit on the only strategy possible for dealing with the peripheral Muslim terror states. Drone strikes but no boots on the ground. An arms-length strategy, designed to maintain the terror status quo until such time as conditions require we remove them with utmost prejudice.



Silent death from out the sky

One moment life, the next goodbye

Nation building is a curse

Brought on ourselves and what is worse

The nation being built from tribes

And clans, corruption, theft and bribes

Wants not at all to be like us

Prefers to live with scabs and pus

Leave them be, each boy and man

Iran, the Pak, Afghanistan

Close them down, remove the threat

And if they strike repay the debt

With deadly force a thousand fold

So generations will be told

That we don’t care what you may do

To those who look and think like you

But step across the sand drawn line

And worms will on your bodies dine

In meantime death from out the sky

Don’t raise your head or you will die


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