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Our Tortured President

The Obama administration has placed severe restrictions on the CIA in their ability to question captured high value terrorists. No longer will American lives be saved by pouring water up someone’s nose, a horrific torture according to the Democrats, a torture so heinous and unforgivable that not one person ever subjected to it has been injured in any way, either physically or emotionally. To combat the evil Bushie torture mongers, the President has turned the questioning of terrorists over to the FBI, who have no experience in questioning terrorists, being a law enforcement agency not an intelligence collection agency. But that is the point. The Democrats are determined that 9/11/2001 never happened, and we can all go back to September 10th. That way they will be fully justified in sending to jail anyone who dared to question a terrorist.



Obama now has set the tone

For terrorists to play by

They now have but to lift the phone

To find a pleasant way by

Hours spent in torture rooms

May pass in peaceful slumber

Knowing that no danger looms

Just rank and serial number

Of course Obama plays the game

Of being all above it

While passing on to Bush the blame

And his adherents love it

What happens though when danger threats

And CIA needs answers

And terror chiefs have placed their bets

That CIA are dancers

Around the rings now placed on them

By O and his lib minions

Restrictions cheered by each lib Dem

Regardless of opinions

Of most of us who know full well

That freedom is not easy

And sometimes men must practice hell

And do things that are queasy

But forceful measures are not for

Obama’s second stringers

They’d rather we die by the score

Than taint their dainty fingers